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`Play it forward´


Information and application form

The Corona `Play it forward´ Relief Fund

for performing artists

The Covid crisis is omnipresent – we are all impacted in different ways. As a freelance performing artist or musician, you may be particularly hard hit. In this case we would like to help you quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy!

It’s that simple:

You apply for support using the form on this page with a simple, informal statement.

If you are selected by our committee to receive a support from the fund, we will contact you within two days. Your grant, if received, will be paid out quickly.
Those artists and musicians with a connection to Bridging Arts in Nuremberg or Salzburg will be given special consideration

After the crisis, Bridging Arts organises performance opportunities, also in charitable institutions and especially for people who cannot go to concert halls themselves, where you can show your appreciation for the support by performing.

Das Komitee

Neben der Leitung von Bridging Arts gehören dem Entscheidungskomitee für die Zuwendung Renate Schmidt, Ehrenbürgerin der Stadt Nürnberg und ehemalige Bundesfamilienministerin sowie Steffen Radlmaier, Journalist und ausgewiesener Kenner der Nürnberger Kulturszene, an.


The Committee:
In addition to the management team of Bridging Arts, the decision making committee for ‘Play it forward’ includes Renate Schmidt, honorary citizen of the city of Nuremberg and former Federal Minister of Family Affairs, as well as Steffen Radlmaier, journalist and distinguished expert of the Nuremberg cultural scene.